In the Nude

Happy first day of February, the month of love, lovelies! I do hope everyone has had a joyous weekend and are recharged for another amazing week!

In this post, I am thrilled to say I finally paused to play in my make-up, and I opted to do so after I met with continuous Windows Movie Maker crashes as I edited a video and worked at saving it with my fingers crossed. All passed to no avail. So I stopped, breathed, began counting my blessings and headed to my bathroom vanity. My thought was to make-up and then open my Snapchat, where I am MissClaudiaMoss.

Reaching into the drawer for my eye shadow palettes, I decided on W7’s In the Nude, a palette I purchased on eBay. The price was quite affordable, not to mention the reviews made for great reading. Many reviewers loved the richness of the colors, the shimmer and matte shades promising beautiful results. These hooded eyes of mine were in for a treat, a pretty premonition whispered.


20160115_141141This palette is touted to be very similar to or as close as a department store brand can get to the glorious NAKED palettes! Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the sheer richness of the colors.

Come in closer for a more intimate view…

The colors last for hours without creasing and performing other unnatural deeds. Then again, I’ll admit I used BB Creme’s primer before creating my look.



And this is the look I created! Yes, I know the picture sits askance. That’s because I used it to illustrate a poem I posted on Facebook last night, and I rather liked the oddity of it. Below is another view from a smiling perspective, considering I work hard at not smiling in most of my pics and videos. My niece, who helps me film my videos, is ever reminding me, “Auntie, you don’t have to smile in every picture.” So so so…


I smile anyway!

Has anyone ever used this palette? I’d love to know! The colors are very blendable and buildable.

In the Nude palette

“Venice” on the lids

“Angel” atop “Venice”

“Tokyo” in the crease and a bit above the crease

“Angel” as a highlighter under my brows

I’m getting better at applying my wing. Though admittedly wing challenged, I shall be brave enough in the future to share a MOTD look others might have deleted. My contention is to show growth and vulnerability!

Have a spectacular day and always leave time to play in your make-up! ❤

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