Sari Sirens

Glamorous Claudia

Morning lovelies!
It’s chilly around these parts, that February wind lambasting the night as if the morning light were already in jeopardy of being MIA. So I thought I’d share my love of the soft, satiny, silky, sexy beauty of the sari as the wind wails! I’ve ever been of the mind that the sari is one of the most elegant garments I’ve ever donned. One is draped in yards of delectable cloth. The sari is so exquisite a diva needs not a crown, nor a queen a reign. It’s insane! Your back automatically straightens, shoulders relax and lift, neck elongates, chin high and the stride glides. In the above picture, I am photographed in a saree, the one I wore to a friend’s lovely wedding a few years back. The next saree I purchase will be soft, sexy and white!

Have you ever donned a sari?

Bridal Saree

The above is a Bridal Saree I discovered on the wibesite Is this not gorgeous?


Taapsee Panna looks fabulous in an unforgettable garmet in 2014. This picture is from the site!

naomi-campbell saree

I discovered this fab pic of super model Naomi Campbell in a saree on the runway! I love it and she wears it quite well.


Beyonce is extraordinary in this mesmerizing pink SAREE! Spectacular! The last 2 photos are from the site,

In what outfit do you feel most feminine?

8 thoughts on “Sari Sirens

      1. Greetings Stacey!
        Oh my! But they are breathtakingly fabulous! Just thinking about a sari drops me into a sparkling revelry. I see again the sheer magnitude of fabric to be meticulously wrapped and rolled and tucked and looped. Art! It’s art to drape oneself in it all and be able to float like a queen. The top is soft, satiny and sometimes shimmering and maybe stretch, although cotton is the call of cloth most times, I think! 🙂
        Thanks so much!
        My Valentine’s Day was simply sensual and fabulous! I treated myself to a home spa!
        Igualmente! I hope your special day was amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Kalerea!
      Yesss! I absolutely love the sari! Can hardly wait to wrap myself in one again. Oh! 🙂 I learned to wrap one on YouTube, where I just may show others how to do it on my YouTube channel! (Others who may not know how to do it!) 🙂
      With a humble heart, I thank you kindly, Kalerea, for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!! I am deeply honored! 🙂 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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