Luscious Liners

Greetings Lovelies!

I hope your Monday marvels, same as mine! I’m thinking liners today. And if I had to select a make-up product that has me singing arias and belting tempos, it would have to be those luscious eye liners that leave me speechless as I scroll down my Instagram feed.

In particular, the pictures of make-up lovers and MUAs with the skill and finesse to place liners not only in traditional places along the lash lines but also in more eye-catching places like slightly above the eye’s crease! Every time I come across those pictures, and quite a few of late, I stare, configuring in my third eye just how I shall accomplish it one fine day.

The shimmering and glittery liners are fascinating.

Below are a few of my liners…

2016-03-13 01.21.27

Recently, I cultivated an adventuresome impulse and grabbed WetnWild’s Mega Liner in blue! Aaah! Yes, I know my eye shadow was electric in the the last video I filmed and there is no reason to have viewers thinking I own one eye shadow palette but I cannot unhand this liner that boasts a Mega Blue hue!

After dancing through my routine make-up choreography, I opened my trusty Ulta Beauty Box Collection of colors and made my selection: NYC Β Kohl eyeliner pencil 924 “In the Navy” outlining my eyes, Iceland on my lids, In the Buff Β under my brow bone, Sapphire in my crease, WetnWild Mega liner just above my crease, and WetnWild’s “A Short Affair 501C” lipstick on my lips outlined in a light brown lip pencil.

Did the blue liner above the crease work? you ask.

No. Not this time. Next time, however, I will make it work. Somehow, the color metamorphosed into a blue smudge that looked like someone had walloped me with some sort of blue blob.

I didn’t sweat it…long. Only used a blending brush to make some sense of it all, like appearing as though I were aiming for a larger than usual crease. Yes. At least it sounds good. Now how it turned out is, in part, up to you, the viewer. When you judge, though, do remember that I tried.

Until next time, I willingly bow to this make-up mania!


In the pictures below, you should see that the ill-shaped lashes perplexed me, so much so I pondered whether or not to discard them all together. The right one lifted and somewhat curled; the left stuck straight out, undisturbed by my best efforts to curl and sit them straight. In the end, as you can see, they won. Yet I am unperturbed as well. Next time, I will lower my well-trained lashes in a soft abandon! No matter what…

p.s. II

I’d just finished filming a video for my main channel, Claudia’sUniverse. It’s already up by this blog post, so go check out my channel, please! What you see behind me is my creative background of colorful cloth! I adopted the idea from Desi Perkins, a beauty blogger turned beauty guru. Her advice led me to Wal-mart’s fabric section where I purchased several gorgeous pieces of cloth, two yards each, for my background accents.

Not long after Wal-mart, I visited my knee-baby sister (a Southern thang), and she gifted me with a gargantuan bag of fabric that had me somersaulting. And yes yes yes! I will be filming a haul of the make-up and make-up related purchases very soon!

What beauty product do you use in a unique way?






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