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The Beauty in a Smile

There is ever beauty in a smile, whether one has porcelain-looking teeth or a baby’s toothless grin. Smiling is a feel-good expression that lifts not only the person smiling but also the receiver of the smile. A sincere smile is the doorway to a wondrous friendship. It can mend a rift in relations. Sweeten a boo boo.Β Alter an unfavorable decision. Add a wink and a smile takes on romantic dimensions. And a beautiful smile will even launch a ship of a thousand adventures.

It is our responsibility to maintain our smile’s health. So don’t neglect dental hygiene replete with daily brushing, flossing and routine dental visits. If you don’t have dental insurance, do your best to maintain the health of your smile by minimizing your intake of sugary foods. If your body is your temple, your smile is your sun, lighting the way for others to your hello!

My Grandma Moss, Miz Sophie to the neighbors, would tell me that baking soda and peroxide are a fierce duo when it comes to fresh breath and a white smile. Imagine my delight when I discovered Arm & Hammer’s AdvanceWhite toothpaste! It works, but if you don’t have the money to purchase it, now you know what to do!

Oh, one more thing!

Give your beautiful smile away as if you’ve just won the lottery! It’s free. It brightens your days. Sometimes it’s a life jacket in those days. I remember when a transfer student from Estonia once spent a semester at Lithonia High, where I taught sophomore through senior English. Though this student wasn’t on my class rolls, she walked past my classroom door every day, smiling broadly. On her final day at the high school, she came to vouchsafe a secret. “I know you must have wondered why I came this way every day?” Her bright blue eyes rivaled her winsome smile, her arms full of books. “I came to see you smile. If I was feeling down, lonely or homesick, I came to bask in your smile. If the day was sparkling, I came to feel the light of your smile. Thank you.” It was one of the most amazing compliments I’ve ever received, considering our exchange was always a friendly hello and how is your day?

Since smiles come organically from us beauty bloggers, I give you my smile when you visit, today and always.


Half smiles are also nice!



4 thoughts on “The Beauty in a Smile

  1. It’s funny that you posted this, as I’m in the waiting area of my dentist office. I love my smile….like love it…. I chipped a tooth and I HAVE to get it fixed NOW. LOL it just happened this morning. It’s a lateral incisor and I can’t smile like this. So yes ma’am, smiles and dental health are VERY important to me…..
    Hope you’ve been well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Melaninlesbian!

      Yesss, take care of that beautiful smile! It is what the world falls in love with first, usually! And like you, I love my smile also. I’ve got work to do in the back of my mouth and will do so as soon as I can!
      Thank you! Yes, I’ve been well, just busy compiling and editing a manuscript, TO HONOR THE HEART! I so love what I do!
      Love & Light,


  2. Greetings Angel!

    I’m so happy I’ve returned to find this challenge, as you may have guessed I LOVE A GREAT CHALLENGE! Muchas gracias!

    Will head to your blog to get the details! πŸ˜€



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