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Easter OOTD and Smoky Purple MOTD

Easter has come and gone, but its memories linger. In smiles and pictures.

This is what I wore for the special day! I love this gauzy-like blouse with a wreath of miniature bouquet flowers about the neckline, and the lime green and purple blended to create the perfect Easter breath of Spring splendor. Although the upper portion was a hot-air balloon in which my bosom found itself, I didn’t mind. My sister Bernadette, the one nicknamed “Chicken,” my master barber sister, gifted me with the garment. Since I do YouTube videos, my sisters are ever delighting me with a find here or there, something they think would be divine for the next filming, and I appreciate them…and their ‘regalos.’

My Make-Up of the Day consists of the Shany Bold and Bright- 120 Shades and the O7 In the Nude eye shadow palettes. I wore a bright unnamed color on the lids and a darker contour shade from the In the Nude palette. I’m wearing lovely lashes I picked up in Walmart. Milani’s delicious-smelling lipstick graces my lips. On my skin I’m wearing my usual L’Oreal foundation, L.A. Girl Concealer, Mac powders and an Ebay-purchased, no-name, creme contour it.


The jeans I’ve worn before, though not with the pink wedgies I picked up last summer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And you know, if you’ve been following me, that I adore Indian jewelry, which finds it way onto my wrists to compliment most any garment I don.



I hope you like the outfit and make-up! Have a super-yummy week!


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