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Welcome to Claudia’s Cosmos!

Saludos, todo el mundo!

It is such a pleasure to have you share this journey through my cosmos with me. My “About Page” tells you a bit about why I am here, blogging to connect with you and others on fashion, beauty, advice, and lifestyle stages.

I was doing all of the above on my prior blog, Ā, except the site was one monstrous runway. Not only did it showcase all of the above, but it also shone a generous spotlight on my writing. I knew I would one day begin another blog to bring everything into a more proper perspective, though that thought was a distant directive in my mind. Then one day I met the auspicious educator/writer/publisher, Stephanie A. Allen, who read and appreciated my body of work. She especially admired my Wanda B. Wonders series, which reminded her of Langston Hughes’ character, Jessie B. Semple, a literary lion whom I adore! And guess what? I will join creative forces with her to re-release the Wanda B. stories. Don’t fret! I will be stalking you to enliven your reading appetite when Ms Wanda is ready to dance wherever books are sold and on digital devices.

20160722_193423 (1)

Quite frankly, I hurled everything upside down, shook it smooth and stepped out: new blog, new book contract, renewed dedication to my YouTube channels (Claudia’sUniverse and Claudia’sUniverse Vlogs) and revived dedication to embarking upon my speaking career. Am I really a speaker? you ask. Oh yes, with a resounding hallelujah! On my vlog channel just today, I uploaded a video of me speaking at the “Divas with a Pen” program last Sunday. And if you’d like to see me do my sassy thing, head over to YouTube and click for an up close look-see. I’m worth the time, honey! ā¤

To recap, I started this blog to chronicle my passion for fashion, all things beauty, advice and lifestyle. Do join me, for I cannot do it successfully without YOU.

Sidebar Notes:

My Make-up Look consists of the following products:

Nars Tinted Moisturizer in “Seychelles” Med/Dark2

Mac Cosmetics mineral powder

Elf Eyebrow Kit

Mary Kay lip gloss in “Red Passion”

Shany Cosmetics “Bold and Bright” Eye shadow Palette

My Hair is in a braided Protective Style.

Te deseo mucho amor y luz! Besitos y abracitos a todo el mundo siempre!


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