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Coils and Skirts

Spring hadn’t yet sprung.

But to encourage her advent, I traded my protective crochet hair styles for the coils of my Big-Chopped (since October 20, 2014) natural hair, which I styled in coils or twists. To achieve the look, I co-washed my hair with TRESemme, my fav conditioner, and twisted a bit of hair around my finger with coconut oil and a smidgen of Eco styler gel.

Then I donned my Max Studio, ankle-length skirt, so comfortable in the breathable way the rayon and spandex fabric combo feels against my body. I’d been waiting to wear it for weeks yet never got around to styling and photographing it, before the warmer temps whispered news of Spring’s Atlanta appearance. So you know when the slowly warming weather reverted back to brisk temps before my girl officially arrived, I snatched my opportunity to style the beige, grey-striped darling with a Heart Hips dark-beige blouse and a lacy overlay of a vest. The variant beige colors were perfect for the overcast day and the iffy temperature. I thrifted the Mossimo pumps at Goodwill.

Have you not worn any winter favorites before the weather changed? If not, do you fold them and simply put them away for next winter, or do you style them in the present season, making them work in delightful, delicious ways?

Ombre Nails, if you will!Great way to use almost finished polish! :)

Skirt 9

Skirt 6

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