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My Natural Hair Up-date: Meeting the Lovely Loctician, Diana Dallas

The last time I wrote about my Sisterlocks and their long-discussed release was several months back. Well, you know what they say (whoever they are): you walk the walk and talk the talk before you venture out to make it happen. And that is precisely how I operate!

My Natural Hair Up-date is I’ve already undergone the infamous and delightedly notorious BIG CHOP, a natural-hair phenomenon, which involves Black girls and women chopping off their permed tresses or dreadlocks or Sisterlocks or loose natural hair in a Vlog on YouTube and simply starting on a new hair-growth adventure! Many of these sisters “whack” (as my Lil Sis hilariously says) their curls themselves. Others film the ceremony in hair salons and still others have it done at the hands of girlfriends. My sister, the fabulous Bernadette Stitts, who is a barber in a downtown Atlanta salon, did the deed for me!

Yes. I filmed My Big Chop and will be uploading it to my Claudia Moss (TheLadyBestseller) YouTube channel as soon as time permits. So if you haven’t ventured onto the Tube, please do. Subscribe. Like. Comment. And always remember to keep all nasty little comments private. You know the ones the brazen leave liberally! LOL (Not that we do. After all, we all know it’s those other people!) 🙂

Anyway, long before my sis whacked my Sisterlocks on October 20, 2014, I sent a call into the Universe for someone to accept my lovingly attended locs of twenty-plus years. I scoured the net, seeking organizations who might be interested in using my hair to benefit others. The search was futile. No organization wanted my kind of hair. Then the thought occurred to me to use my Facebook platform.

That’s when the lovely Diana Dallas and I connected. Some of you may recall I mentioned her before in another blog post. She had been incredibly patient with me. Goodness knows I changed my Sisterlocks release date constantly.

Diana Dallas

But Halloween 2014 was the day the Universe saw fit for us to connect. How sweet was that! And she even had dark-chocolate candy bars in a cute basket in her cozy shop, a space I loved instantly. I could’ve visited longer than I did, as Dallas was a wellspring of information about the care of natural hair and dreadlocks. She is bright, easy going and good natured. Her locs are gorgeous, just as they are in her Facebook pictures. She and her adorable assistant were vivacious, cordial and sunny rays on a cloudy day.

In her salon, in an attractive space at 5400 Memorial Drive, in Stone Mountain, GA, Diana Dallas specializes in Repair, Color, Styles and Dread Extensions. If there is a doubt about her talents, one has only to gaze at her headful of luscious locs, a look and style she maintains.

I filmed our meeting and will be posting it on my YouTube channel as well. It was my honor and blessing to finally meet the lovely loctician. With a refreshing candor, she shared her journey out of Corporate America and into Entrepreneurial Paradise. No worries. No schedule but her own.

She looked relaxed after consulting with a client before she was able to chat with me. As we spoke, I felt special, like, I’m certain, all of her clients. Her attention is expressly yours. Later, when she moves her salon to a larger location in November, I’ll pay her another visit to learn of her Natural Hair Journey. Before I departed Diana’s space, I was inspired and motivated, lifted and enlightened. She is living in her truth, each day a joy of locs and love, both of which she shares bounteously. I can hardly wait to film our next exchange!

Visit her website to learn about her Loctician Classes, Dreadlock Services, Dreading Techniques and view her Dreadlock Style Gallery.

Contact her using the following information:

Appointments only
Private Location

Mucho amor siempre…

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