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OOTA: Fun Fitness Style

Happy Sunday, loves!

It’s another gorgeous day here! One of my fav activities on a lazy, beautiful Sunday is to meditate to the sounds of nature, and my latest music of choice hails from the Honest Guys’ YouTube channel. They are perfect for the fifteen minute or less and many longer meditation music videos. They come replete with visuals that transform, if you choose to meditate with your eyes open. I will link the channel here. Their titles (“Positive Life Affirmations – Uplifting Daily Exercise,” “Deep Sleep Talk Down,” and “1 Hour Relaxing Music ‘Piano in the Rain’ Gentle Piano Music…”) are enough to leave you better than you were before.

And the second fav activity is pulling on my gym attire and going minimal on the make-up and heading to the gym or to Stone Mountain, where I am immersed in physical revelry! Okay, some of you are much like my sis, the one I was visiting when I photographed the OOTA below. “Why, pray tell, should ANYONE want to apply make-up before working out? Girl, come on! Let’s go!”

To that I smile, my internal adjuster. Works fabulously. You should try it next time you are sweetly challenged. “Now Pumpkin Pooh, you know,” I remind her, “my motto: I never know who I might meet in the course of my day! I was born on Green, and it’s a go for me todos los dias! No regrets!” After which I root myself before the nearest clean selfie mirror and get to smearing, brushing, glossing and fluffing! Ready!

You can never adjust nor tweak anyone else. Don’t bother plucking or twee-zing them. You can ever only groom yourself. Likewise, no one else can hurl you into Pandemonium. You make the choice to take the plunge.

Thus, I adore my sisters, that one and the rest! Abrazos y besos siempre!


This orange is a style IV!!! IV as in the one in an arm when you are visiting the hospital! Worn with white, the color pulses! The top and the sneakers wake up the irises in my eyes in gym mirrors and those of other people around me. ROTFL


A jacket maintains body heat and makes for a cute reveal when you enter the gym! In this pic, I’m showing off a bit of my highlight under the brows and on the cheeks. I can’t guess who will be on the next stair master, ya know! 😀


I work on my arms on alternate days, since I love those off-the-shoulder looks and arm-revealing blouses, T-shirts and sundresses! One never really thinks about specific body parts, such as arms, as being sexy, per se. But once a gentleman walked over to me from where he’d just finished pumping petro into his vehicle and said, “Whatever you are doing for exercise, keep it up! Your arms are sleek and beautiful. I love a woman with nice arms.” Fabulous!


These sneakers are heaven sent! Truly!


Side profile and full lungs! 😀


It’s a difficult job, but someone has to mix Reebok, Nike and Indian bracelets for the finest in fitness photography! 😀


Jacket   –   Snozu The Platinum Collection

Shirt   –   Nike Slim Fit

Pants   –   Faded Glory

Shoes   –   Reebok Ventilator

As much as I’d love to stay and chat, I’ve got to dive into the bliss of the afternoon with my vivacious, visiting, little people. (As for the exclamations, I live in a nirvana state of the exclamatory! On most days!)

Besitos y Abracitos,


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