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The Black Series

20160427_160130Ever go away to come again and feel like you’ve been gone forever, although you feel spectacular about your return? That’s how I’m feeling now.

So let me not forget to say: It’s sensational to be back! To connect with you again.

In this style post, I share how I styled a sexy little magazine blouse, all soft and sheer in the right places. Perfect for spring. I adore its chicness, the model chicks with their pouty, parted lips painted in the latest vibrant colors with provocative names. It makes me think some creative designer snagged the idea of placing fashion magazine covers on clothing to lend us the feeling of what it means to be a walking billboard. Some may mind; I don’t. I am an animated billboard. I’m tickled that the magazine covers on my blouse wrap me front to back in New York skylines and glimpses and words connoting the City of Dreams.

Since I styled it from casual to club, with jean shorts and other black garments, I’ve dubbed this post, The Black Series. Stay tuned for another style post with my magazine pencil skirt and the magazine blouse pictured here. I meant to include it as another view in this photo shoot, but I completely forgot about it.

Each piece in this series was thrifted and gifted. My lovely knee-baby sis, Glenda Pearl, presented the blouse to me as a birthday gift. With the “Love J…L” blouse, she gave me the black Connection 18 nylon/spandex, past-the-knee leggings. Though they are a L/XL, they fit my petite body beautifully. Very recently, Glenda gave me three pairs of the same Emma Lowrise Jeggings she thrifted for $2 each. What a thoughtful deal! And they, too, fit perfectly! I sliced peek-a-boo slits in strategic places along the pants leg to give them an up-to-the-second, savvy appeal. Glenda said she purchased them at Ross. I already owned the cut-off jean shorts I picked up years ago at a thrift store in Atlanta’s bustling Little Five Points district. The black-strap, wedgie heels were a birthday gift from my sister Diane, and I thrifted the black stilettos from the Goodwill.

I am ever grateful for my creative director, my niece Whitney Glenda, who helps me film and photograph my blog projects and my YouTube videos for my channel, Claudia’sUniverse.

I love fashion and experimenting with my unique sense of style!

Which look do you like the most–the Shorts, the Capri leggings or the Jeans? I’d love to know, as I cherish connecting with you on this platform and on my other social media sites: Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram! So speak up!

Mucho amor y luz,






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