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Writing a New Hair Chapter

We all know when that day arrives. Sometimes we feel it more than know it. Sometimes we hear it in the words of others. I knew like an epiphany, in a flash of knowing, in a blink of acceptance. This weekend, I sat to finish writing a novella, and in lieu of joyously falling into the writing, I found myself enjoying the YouTube Natural Hair Care gurus.

And the more I watched and listened, smiling and loving them all, from longhairdon’tcare2011/Dominique Banks (who transitioned this earlier month due to complications from Lupus) to Naptural85 to NaturalNeiicey and a few other leading ladies of the “loving natural hair ilk,” the more I realized that I was turning over a new leaf inside. Willingly, I was turning a corner, with a smile. Each time I watched one of NaturalNeiicey’s videos and vibrated from the inside out at her enthusiasm for embracing her own journey from permed to natural hair, my Spirit scintillated. Slowly, it occurred to me that I’d made the decision well before this past weekend. Actually, the thought had been fomenting for a while.

Like me, my sisters are natural, except my youngest baby sister. Two of us, Bernie and me, wear our natural tresses in Sisterlocks, a style that requires a tightening technique that calls for an interlocking regimen. My oldest sis wears her natural hair loose, colored festively red and beautifully coiled. My baby sis wears hers luscious locs loose as well, although sometimes she applies heat and moves from one style to the next with a splendid sense of diversity. She has taught me about protective styling and Green House Deep Conditioning; it is that sister who introduced me to YouTube’s
Natural Hair Care queens.

After watching NaturalNeiicey’s video below, I was inspired to greater heights!

A little further away from my family’s experiences, on the web, one of my Facebook friends had recently revealed to her beloved following that she was embracing her Goddess-given locs. My sister’s husband’s sister and daughter were softly natural. Crowning curls, spirals, coils and kinks were abundant and stunning everywhere I looked.

So my chapter was writing itself, before I spoke my declaration to Tywanna. “Sit,” I invited her from my crossed-legged throne on the living room carpet. “Let me share something with you. I have decided to release my Sisterlocks and return to loose, natural hair, and I am excited!”

“Do it!” she said. “I’m so glad you said that. I had a conversation with one of my colleagues the other day about this same topic.” Then she shared the story of a colleague who wanted to take the plunge also.

Together, we watched NaturalNeiicey’s video savored an enjoyable conversation about embracing natural locs and their upkeep. Then she whipped out her cell to share pictures of her own natural hair journey. That led me to share memories of my initial decision to go au natural. Fact is, I’d been here before, but, of course, this time was different. Before, I didn’t have Sisterlocks. A shiny head of weakened, over-processed, permed hair demanded a sizable amount of my money.

What follows are pics of me with my Sisterlocks, as I’ve worn this style for over 16 years! πŸ™‚

A pic of me with Sisterlocks

A pic of me with Sisterlocks

A back view of my Sisterlocks

A back view of my Sisterlocks

Smiling under locs

Smiling under locs

A Sisterlocked Honey

A Sisterlocked Honey

My Truth:

I’ve had these locks so long, I’m anxious to set them free…as well as myself. My energy longs for a new beginning. My hair is tired of being locked. I’m tired of the locs lying flat on my scalp, where as my natural hair grew skyward, going poof in humidity and sunshine, gently framing my face. My fingers miss my hair’s spongy texture, a feeling that cannot be readily experienced weaved down in locs. And no. I’m not speaking ill of my Sisterlocks, for I have loved them for a long time, but I am living vulnerable and free in this moment. I am more comfortable than I’ve ever been with embracing change. I realize that locking my new growth over the years has cause breakage at the roots in the crown of my head, where the hair needs to be babied more than other places anyway. And yes, I’m honest. The style is incredibly easy, so I’ve not taken the best care with it, meaning not deep conditioning as often as I should have…or did when I was loosely natural. Go figure! Therefore, before I have my beloved barber sis orchestrate The Big Chop soon, I will DC it with a renewed vitality. I want it softer than a baby’s bottom! I want it to be the very best that it can be when I release it, for whomever, and for me, to recharge myself on my new quest to grow my hair from either a bald head or a TWA (and for those who do not know—that is a Teeny Weeny Afro!) πŸ™‚

I’m ebullient! Now I will return to knowing the new texture of my hair at this juncture in my life! I will embrace again its curl pattern and experiment with delicious looks and styles. I want to love it to my back, taking care not to abuse it with too many products or heat or taxing styles.

Right now, I’m writing this blog with a mile-high white towel draped over my thermal cap and several plastic bags. What am I doing? The DC, Honey. I am working The Green House Effect, the treatment that involves me washing my locs and whipping up my own DC treatment of a creamy, yellowish melody of mayo, eggs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The treatment will condition my locs for the rest of the day and throughout the night, and then I’ll wash and rinse the hair on Tuesday. I’ll spray it with water and use a bit of oil on the ends and braid it loosely. On Wednesday, I’ll have a braid-out style, fresh, shiny and cottony soft! That will go on until The Big Chop.

Now, I must share the magnificence of Spirit!

I popped on Facebook to ask about organizations to which I can donate my uncolored Sisterlocks. Before the afternoon slipped into evening, someone responded. An Atlanta loctician (I love that noun) shared a link to her business, which deals with the healthy maintenance of dreadlocks. She informed me that she had two traumatized women who needed my locs! I was elated! Everything was effortlessly materializing, even the people I needed to join me on this venture. Sending my barber sister a Facebook text informing her that I needed her, I look forward to her call, when she is home from work later this evening. She is the perfect person to cut my Sisterlocked ponytail.

My sis has always been a Hair Diva…and we have ever been there for one another. If I take this moment to go back down Memory Lane, I recall that I was her hair model, when she passed the Alabama Board test for her cosmetology license. I remember her hands fluttering across my head, cutting my permed hair into a style for the examiners. I remember she was afraid the examiner wanted her to cut more of my hair than I might have been willing to part with, but I whispered that I wasn’t coming back to wherever we were—Montgomery, I believe—to sit for this test, so cut what you need to cut it now! And she did!

Oh my, I am thrilled! For those who know me, I shall chronicle my journey on YouTube as well. On my Claudia Moss channel. Some of what I haven’t divulged in this blog, I’ll vouchsafe there. Look for me, please, and I’ll look for you. And don’t play. You KNOW us writers want you to comment, so, if you can, leave a comment. And have a lovely evening. Adios!

Mucho Amor Siempre…


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