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I’m Back!

Greetings, loves! I can hardly believe that it’s been 8 whole months since my last post, yet it’s true. Drats! Dare I freely admit that? Yes, the date on my last post proves it. Why have I been away so long? Hmmm. Life. Distractions. Other interests and pulls and passions.

A bit of it all, I’d say.

Life whispers, and I’m off on a wild adventure. My blogs are never petrified, though. They simply await my return, like faithful polyamorous lovers. Distractions seep into my days, and either I am enamored with them or I am enamored…and derailed. Momentarily. That’s me. Eventually, I make my way back to the me at the core of my being. And as for my other interests, pulls and passions, I bow to them, unworried, and in the hiatus, learn how to incorporate them into my goals.

Somehow, it’s hard to believe it’s practically springtime again…and I haven’t posted a pictorial of two beige looks I adored modeling one afternoon last spring. My niece Whitney “Whit Whit” and my great nephew Caleb Ade helped me photograph this Fashion Nova shoot, dresses and heeled sandals. The beige pumps were thrifted at my local Goodwill, and since this shoot, many moons ago, I re-thrifted them, as in returned them for someone else to enjoy. They were making mincemeat of my complaining toes. I am happy to own that I posted the look on my current Instagram wall. I don’t know. Maybe Instagram is simply easier to keep current. You post a pic. With or without text. And keep it popping.


About my hair.

I was wearing a protective style. My crochet braids. I’ve not worn this protective style in a while now. Of late, it’s been a rotation of natural curls and wigs. I’ll share more on my natural hair up-dates and styles and on my new wig collection a bit later.

Just know that I’ve missed you and that I’m elated to welcome you back to one of my virtual hearths!

Besos y abrazos,




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