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Once Upon a Sauna…

Greetings loves,

Yes, I’ve been MIA, but you’ve never left my heart! This early fourth day of May, precisely one year from the time I visited the Jeju Korean Spa in Duluth, GA, I am sitting in solitude in a sleeping abode, dreaming of my next relaxation excursion.

Have you ever visited a Korean bathhouse?

20160502_113804ย It is precisely what the soul orders when you are experiencing mental overload, weary muscles and a drained constitution. Ladies, you especially require it when you’ve been administering tender, loving care to everyone in your life…except yourself. So please release the notions of roving, nude men and indelicate happenings. It’s nothing of the sort. There are only luscious saunas, serenity and freedom, if, that is, you leave insecurities in the trunk of your vehicle and enter the glass doors of the establishment sans thoughts of public nudity, warm places and warmer strange bodies, open showers and germs.


What an enchanting experience! For a mere $25, you can visit for 24 hours! When you grace the spotless lobby, you are in the land of saunas and water relaxation delights. Of nine saunas, you should discover at least three that you love. According to the website and posted signs in the sauna area, the different saunas offer tremendous benefits. For example, the Rock & Salt Sauna strengthens your cardiovascular system, increases your blood circulation, flushes impurities and helps release dead skin cells. Being in the Gold & Silver Room positively affects nerve stability and neurosis. In the Jewel Room, ย you are rejuvenated and renewed in the presence of precious jewels.


Since there is public nudity in the shower and wet relaxation areas in the only-female and only-male areas, I could not bring my camera and had to share stock pictures of the bathhouse.

Each time I entered a different sauna, I was enchanted anew! My favorite was the Charcoal Sauna, which is purported to reduce and remove body toxins, increase blood circulation, and stimulate sweat glands to release the built-up of toxins. To learn about the different health benefits of the various saunas titillated me, and I intend to spend a half hour in each on my next visit, which will be sometime at the end of this month.

In the Olympic-size wading pool, I got a full-body workout just trekking up and down the pool, pushing against the water. While splashing and enjoying my own brand of water aerobics, I could take in dinners having lunch, snacks of dinner in the dining area on the other side of the glass wall surrounding the pool.

images (1)


Did the public nudity freak me out?

Absolutely not. I am a naturist. I am free in my skin. I’ve relished a weekend in Paradise Valley. Seeing a Korean grandmother sharing a shower with her tiny, giggling granddaughter was refreshing. There aren’t very many places I can go in the state and experience the freedom I enjoyed at Jeju.

The sauna offers exquisite Korean food and special services. There are body massages, acupressure massages, foot reflexology, hip baths, and Korean Demadi (body shampoos).


On my sophomore visit, I intend to bring my natural hair products, especially my deep conditioners, my Kindle and books, the salt scrubs I never use at home and several good girlfriends.

If you have visited a bathhouse, what was your most exhilarating experience?



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